Nazir Story

Nazir Grotto can rightly be called, “The Playground” of Masons in the Canton District. During the seventy-nine years of its existence, it has continually made a distinct contribution to the social life of these Masons and their families. Its wide variety of activities and friendly spirit emphasizes its great principle of sympathy and good fellowship.

Yusef Kahn Grotto of Akron, Ohio launched Nazir Grotto with a friendly push. It was at a social function in Canton to which a group of Akron Masons had been invited, that the first seeds were sown. At a later meeting held on November 5, 1920 and attended by a group of fine Masonic brethren a motion was made that the acting secretary Bro. Herman DeVol make application for a dispensation to establish a Grotto in Canton.

Three names were proposed for the new Grotto. They were: Nazir, Selim, and Samoor with Nazir being adopted.

Frederick P. Walthers of Cleveland, then Grand Marshal of the Supreme Council and acting as representative of Grand Monarch, Dwight E. Cone, delivered the Dispensation to the Canton brethren on November 20, 1920.

Yusef Kahn, as the parent Grotto, installed the following officers: Charles Stolberg, Monarch; George Seeley, Chief Justice; Joseph Frank, Master of Ceremonies; Henry R. Bauhof, Treasurer; Herman F. DeVol, Secretary, and Wilbur Garner, Venerable Prophet.

The By-laws submitted by the Supreme Council were adopted on April 2, 1921, and on June 29. 1921, a Charter was granted to Nazir Grotto.

Membership increased rapidly. A Band Patrol and other Units were formed and in 1948 was recognized as one of the outstanding Grottoes in the Realm, having over three thousand members.

We are indeed very proud of Nazir Grotto and feel honored in being a part of such a fine organization.