Eastern Star 539 History

The first recorded meeting was February 4, 1944 in the IOOF Hall. Estelle Higgons served as Chairperson and Mary Swope as Secretary. Institution took place June 17, 1944 at 4:00 P.M. Worthy Grand Patron Oscar Maeder presided at the Institution and the Grand Officers installed the first officers of Delta Chapter. Delta’s first Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron were Estelle Higgons and Harry Weible. At 7:30 P.M. the same evening the “Mother Chapter,” Canton Chapter No. 190 assumed the stations and initiated the first class of candidates.

    The first Inspection was August 25, 1944 with Worthy Grand Patron Oscar Meader as the Inspecting Officer. Delight Auxiliary was organized November 17, 1944, names after its first president Delight Wheeler. Many fund raising projects were carried out and since this was during the war, two wheel chairs and two massaging machines were donated to Fletcher Hospital. Also, our members gave of their time generously to serve as helpers at Aultman Hospital.

    In 1948, we purchased new pedestals as the ones we were using were borrowed. We assisted in organizing Canton Bethel No. 31, Job’s Daughters, June 29, 1949. Verna Keefer was their first Guardian. We helped them financially with a gift of $35 at their Institution and the purchasing of robes at a cost of $150, and we continue to help the Bethel.

    January 28, 1955 something new was added – Delta Delights – the News bulletin. In 1959, we gave $60 for the support of one Korean child for one year in the Masonic Orphanage in Korea. This was the Worthy Grand Matron’s project.

    Our first Deputy Grand Matron was Burdella Carl. In 1952, Carrol Kettering was appointed Deputy Grand Matron, Eleanor Green was appointed Grand Representative of British Columbia in 1961. Elizabeth Wallace served as District President in 1965, and in 1968 was appointed Deputy Grand Matron. In 1978 Inez Miller was appointed Deputy Grand Matron, and in 1983 Jane Bayley was appointed to serve as Grand Representative of Manitoba. In 1968 Helen Ittner was appointed to serve as the Grand Chaplain and Carol Jones served as President of the District 13 Association in 1989. In 1992, Carol Jones was appointed to serve as Grand Ruth and in 1997, she was appointed to serve as Grand Warder. In 1998, Carol Jones was elected to serve as the Associate Grand Conductress and Barbara Turner was appointed Deputy Grand Matron. In 1999, Carol Jones was elected Grand Conductress and in 2000 she was elected Associate Grand Matron. She will serve as Worthy Grand Matron of the Grand Chapter of Ohio in 2001.

    Ruth E. Wilkes has served 17 years as Secretary for Delta Chapter and Beverly Gallon has served 13 years as Treasurer. We have presented more than 75 50-Year pins. Throughout the years, Delta Chapter has served many delicious dinners in the Canton Masonic Temple under the supervision of Johnnie Jones, a Past Patron of Delta Chapter

    As the years have gone by, we have had many worthy Matrons and Worthy Patron and each year has been different and interesting. They have all left their mark in the history of Delta Chapter.